Chess on Desktop and Mobile

As time keeps moving so does everything else, developing to greater heights, such as fashion, entertainment, technology, and so on. As the world keeps getting more digitalised so does everything in it, including games. People who are addicted to the traditional games such as Ludo, checkers and the ever-popular chess no longer have to worry, as they have also become digitalised. The well-loved traditional game has now been made available on mobile and desktop, making it more easily accessible. Most chess games available on desktop can also be played on mobile, and individual players can choose what they are most comfortable with. Most of these games include assistance in teaching people who want to learn to play chess.

Here are some of the best chess games available on mobile devices;

Chess Free

For those who are interested in learning and improving their chess skills, this is one of the available chess apps to look at. It comes with a number of features, including; 12 play levels, tutor in chess, moves analysis, casual and pro-mode, ELO thinking for more than 3 levels, game review mode, it also provides a leader board for those who are playing, and the stats through the game.

Chess – Play and Learn

This is one chess app which the producers tag as an all-in-one chess game. This game comes with an online game feature where players can connect to one another through the web. This chess app comes with a lot of features, making the game fun and lively. They include; over 50,000 chess puzzles, challenges to make the game more intriguing and lessons to improve play. It also comes with over 15 themed boards, backgrounds and pieces for diversity, and forums for live interactions.

Play Magnus ChessPlay Magnus Chess - Chess on Desktop and Mobile

One of the popular mobile chess games is Play Magnus Chess, named after one of the greatest chess grandmasters Magnus Carlsen. As the title depicts, the game is fashioned to play like Magnus Carlsen. The game features difficulty levels set as Magnus’s style of play at a certain age. The game also provides a setting where one is allowed to play Magnus themselves.

Games on Desktop

Here are some available games made popular on the desktop;

Chess 24

This is one of the more popular desktop chess games available. It works solely on the internet, that is, it is internet based. This game is for those who are interested in taking part in a multiple player game world and comes in a package of 3 languages; English, Spanish and German. Chess 24 is unique from other chess apps as it offers major live chess events across the world for chess lovers. Chess 24 is one of the best chess apps as it is even endorsed by major Chess Grandmasters Peter Svidler and Viswanathan Anand.

Lucas Chess

Another major chess game played on desktops is Lucas Chess. This chess game is only played with the computer, but you get to choose to play, train or learn with one or more engines best to challenge you. Lucas Chess is a game for best learning how to play chess, offering special modes especially for children. This special mode for children provides a setting whereby they begin their learning with special engines that know very little about possible moves.