Chess Clubs

Chess clubs are the heart and soul of the chess community. There are many chess clubs across the globe and there are many good reasons to join one. It doesn’t matter if you are a relative beginner or seasoned master, there is always a place for you at your local chess club.

How to Find a Local Chess Club

chess club - Chess ClubsThe internet has certainly made it easier to find your local chess club. Just make a quick search online through your smartphone, tablet, laptop or desktop PC, accompanied by the name of your town, city or district, and you will find the chess clubs closest to you.

You may still also find local chess clubs increasing their community awareness through local paper adverts and on signs posted in public building, such as your local library or community centre. Being one of the world’s most tactical and brain-stimulating board games, you are also likely to find that your local chess club has a presence in your local schools or colleges.

If you prefer to search online for a chess club but you haven’t found the result that you are looking for, then venture over to the website of the chess federation, which tend to be either a national chess federation or a district chess federation. On the chess federation’s website, you will find a list of local clubs, most often accompanied by an interactive map of each location.

Why You Should Join a Chess Club

Experience works both ways in the world of chess. Some people need to gain experience, while others have experience to share. This two-way exchange is mutually beneficial, and novices get to learn from the seasoned pros, while those seasoned pros enjoy passing on their talent and tactics to the next generation of chess players.

Chess clubs typically encourage friendly chess gameplay and you should not be shy about asking your opponent about why they made a move or what move you should do next. You will be able to play against a wider number of people in a chess club and this is essential if you really want to get better at the game.

Of course, tournaments will be run by your local chess club and these will give you a taste of the competitive nature of chess players, but in a more informal environment. Your local chess club can also introduce you to formal competitions and these are often organised into leagues. These leagues allow juniors, seniors and everyone in-between to play in a tournament that is geared to their experience level.

Finally, your chess club is a social gathering that will allow you to meet new people. Friendships can blossom and give you a hobby that can be enjoyed with others, even outside of chess club meetings, be this face-to-face or online.

If you don’t know your rook from your bishop or if you want to find a challenging competitor, then your local chess club is the best place to begin.